Juicing Jan 

The hilarious Juicing Jan section will include a running list of toddler antics as they come up. I hope they make you laugh. They make my days bright, and the long nights tolerable.
When your 14 months old would rather eat the dog food than her lunch you spent half an hour making for her. 11-10-17

When dog kibble is so much better than dinner, a child just has to raid the dog dish. (She brought me a handful to share.) 11-11-17

When you leave the room to go to the bathroom,  only to come back and find all your clean laundry on the floor and your child in your bra. 11-12-17

When eggs and sour krout make a breakfast of champions. Again. 11-13-17


My Mission 

Hey there! Welcome to the crazy, wonderful, out of control, invigorating, frustrating privilege of being a mother. Maybe you’re a new mother, mother to be, or perhaps you are a seasoned vetern to this juggling act. Either way,  I’m  glad you stopped in!

This is me, Mother Mayhem.  This is my story, and the fruits of my endless hours dregging up jewels the endless abyss of the Internet and books for info that will help me be the best mother I can to my young daughter, Janet.  I  wish I had know before she was born how difficult and overwhelming beautiful the job would become over time. After going through school, work and being a full caregiver while  my husband worked 6 days per week doing split shifts, I  found myself hopelessly in love,  but feeling increasingly hopeless as well.

As a new mother making every mistake imaginable,  in particular surrounding self care, I  finally decided to give some good use to my experiences.  Good and bad alike, I want to be candid with my readers so with luck, other mothers can avoid some of the pitfalls I found myself in. My mission is to  connect mothers through common experiences, information and resources to help enjoy our kids.

With this in mind well be getting ready to launch our first e book on the topic within the next four months. The in depth tale of our family and others will be a way for hundreds of isolated mothers to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As an added feature with this purchase,  access to a email group for other women who have purchased and want to reach out to other mothers going through the same struggles will make this service  invaluable. I hope to have a wide reaching impact on women  just like me, reclaiming their lives  and enjoying the experience of motherhood  rather than just surviving it.