Hello, everyone!

My name is Reagan, and we are the Davenport family, a newly formed family of three. I went into labor at home 14 months ago, and had a beautiful healthy daughter named Janet. From the second I laid eyes on her I knew I could never love anyone quite the same as I did her, and she has been a constant joy in my life ever since. She is also, however, a major pain in the butt, as was the postpartum depression that fallowed her a few days after birth.

This blog is for new mothers, veteran mothers,  mother’s to be, and anyone who has raised children. We’ll explore resources, information and personal stories that show an honest side of motherhood most women don’t talk about, or feel shame talking about with other mothers.  We’ll look into inspirations to stay sane, working, working from home, childcare issues, parenting styles, feeding, diapers, the boob tube, and many more hot topics in the world of parenting, as well as some general social issues that face all parents who seek to make intentional choices for their children.

You will also get to know my family as we muddle through life, juggling the many hats we all put on as parents. My husband Evan and Janet really keep me on my toes, and I hope you’ll get some amusement and inspiration if nothing else from our successes and follies. You’ll get to know us, and we look forward to getting to know you as well!!!