I wanted to take a brief minute to thank my readers for enduring my long absence from my mission of addressing isolation and postpartum depression. I have had some medical issues that have consumed my daily life. I have been struggling to care for my daughter and myself, and have been increasingly stressed about working my new job and the coming semester. I am seeking treatment for my pain now, and have had some encouraging results in this preliminary stage of recovery. Besides the issues I have been having, life has been wonderful. We are really focusing on living an intentional life, which in light of my medical issues needs to include a radical shift in priorities surrounding my health. For Janet, and for myself, I have to find a way to make taking care of my body and mind a priority. More to come as things arise. I am so happy to be back in this new year, focused and ready to take on this ebook, and most importantly, reminding women everywhere they aren’t alone.

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